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Manage Your Energy Costs

Rising energy costs are a reality for every home owner and business organization. But what if you could take control of your energy costs—now and into the future? People around the world have discovered that an energy strategy which includes solar and combined eco-friendly systems is a powerful way to reduce operational costs.
With Argus Solar as your energy ally, you can reduce your energy costs and advance your home or business into a cleaner, brighter future.

Excellent Value

Get the maximum return on your solar investment. Argus Solar delivers high-quality Tier-1 solar products, financing and policy expertise to maximize your ROI.  

Let us optimize your solar-power generating capability at the lowest cost possible so you can experience the continual cost saving power of going solar.


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About Us

Argus Solar and Construction was created in 2002 to serve the needs of homeowners and business professionals across Texas. Since then, our client base has grown to include large corporations, rural farmers, and everything in between across the country.  If you would like to find out more about how Argus Solar and Construction can serve your solar energy needs, get in touch today.